We’d realized that security and being secure are the right of each man in this world. So to make the activities of individual and society can run well, we must create the secure in constantly.

But nowadays in Indonesia, the number of crimes had increased rapidly, and it caused by the heaving violently politics, also the disproportion between economy and social life. These all will affect direct and indirectly the changing of behavior or manner of Indonesian life.

All the professional, merchant, entrepreneur and society will having a high worry and feel unsecured environment, because of the anarchist and criminalities had keep threatening also harmful to our livelihood.

By concerning this situation, we the “PRIVATE GUARD”, as the team work in handling the management of security guard, would like to promote our services to society. Because we believed that our service will fulfill the people desire of being secure coming true, by involving and creating it with our professionalism.

To create an excellent and coordinated team of security, we have to commence on recruitment systems for candidates with a high qualifications and tight selection, also the directed education, so the security guard could works professionally, high response and take a good action in the emergency situation in his environment.

Regarding the above basis, we are confident with our security system which we introduce to you, and believed it would accomplish your need of being secure in this lately situations.