PT. DUA RAJA BALOHAN, as we known also as “PRIVATE GUARD”, is a national company which was established on 2000.

bead of foam seafaring is our hope to contribute to the development and progress of our beloved nation Indonesia. Armed with the ability and expertise and wrapped my experience over 18 years In a special scope Capital Security Services is for me to carry PRIVATE GUARD trustworthy company in different scope Outsourcing Security. Private Guard is a security services company that stands out sourcing a Liability Company (PT) since 2005, the focus in managing building security services for government, private industry, office building, mining, offshore oil drilling, Banking, Hospitality, education centers, hospitals, private residences up to escort the iIndividual.
Escort requires physical, educational and sharpness in the act of any escort personnel in our company and it's all from a talent and education at our training center are trained and work with the various agencies involved. Security personnel are spread in various areas across the entire planet Earth Indonesia, amounting to 3578 personnel. We pride ourselves though just as a grain of sand in the vast ocean can contribute and assist the Indonesian government in private security. PRIVATE GUARD able to continue to carry out the task of organizing security in any condition and in any area. WITH RESPECT!

PRIVATE GUARD is able to constantly develop security management tasks under any conditions and in any area.

PRIVATE GUARD focuses on Security and Security System Management Services for Government Buildings, Tourism Industries, Office Buildings, Mining Areas, Offshore Oil Drilling, Banking, Hospitality, Shopping Centers, Education Centers, Hospitals, Private Homes, and Individual Escorts.

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PT Dua Raja Balohan

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