Banking and Monetary

To support the banks and monetary foundations.


To provide seminar and education of know how the security and its needs in the education establishments.


To provide security in hospitals and other health centers

Commercial Building / Business District

Coordinated security and knowing well operation system in the storage building, so we can provide the secure environment.

Manufacture / Industry

Experience handling duties in the manufacture / industry and warehouse.


To provide the services in securing the residential neighborhood included the security inside the house.


To prevent the losses, and taking a good care of properties, also several of services towards the retailers.

VIP Protection

To guard the executives, goods, money and others as our customer’s need and enquiry.


PRIVATE GUARD is a company, which has a high dedication toward the duty that we carry out. Only selected candidates could join our team and be trained by our professional. We also always make sure the manager and supervisor would offering the responsive services in globally.

The priority keys in our services are:

  • Quality and trusted consistency
  • Responsive management
  • Man power with high self-assured and honest
  • Professionalism man power
  • Caring and paying high attention to all the customer’s needs

The above priority keys are always fixed with our priority themes of crew’s availability. In order to fulfill and gain the quality and customer’s satisfaction, we had made a strategy, base on conference and design the strategy in overall, so we will assure our crew is always responsible, and focus and qualified.